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About Us

International Travel and Cultural Exchange (ITCE) was the sole initiative of founder ‘Poye Robinson’. It was founded in 2010 and commenced operation in 2012. His main aim in starting this business was to provide an atmosphere and/or opportunity where different cultures can be expressed and experienced through travel and interaction, which stimulates and encourages cultural integration and retention while earning an income which complements the experience. His plan was put into progress, along with the help of friends, during the period when he lost his sight.

Today ‘ITCE’ has a team that comprises of dedicated Individuals. A team that consists of members, who were all beneficiaries of the J-1 summer program. As such we are 100% dedicated and motivated in ensuring that all the necessary paper work and activities are done to guarantee our client’s satisfaction while promoting a stress-free process at the same time.

Our aim justifies our actions and as such we are completely committed to ensuring that your summer work experience is enriched with cultural diversity and a lifelong memory of each and every summer. Our slogan of go easy, go smart, go ITCE, guarantees that your time spent journeying with us will be just as worthwhile and fulfilling as your summer work experience.  It is ‘ITCE’s priority to provide a service that is affordable to and considered reasonable by our clients. We care about the financial capabilities of each individual. This aspect of our business influences us significantly to source and acquire the help of financial institutions in providing small loans for our clients, and also other in office arrangements can be made. We believe that each client should be given the opportunity to experience an amazing and fulfilling summer regardless of their financial capabilities. Ergo we will provide an environment that complements our service and makes the entire process of registration and paper work processing one that is filled with ease. We are amongst the very few programs that offer online registration. We believe in and aim to promote the GO GREEN aspect of our environment. Most programs consume and engage in a manual application process which in return damages our environment. Our aim is to reduce as much printing as possible; therefore we encourage and implore our clients to think smart before printing their next page. We emphasize the action of only ‘printing a page’ if and when it  is really necessary. ‘ITCE’ stands tall amongst its competitors, and has established a service like no other. We are the only program that gives back to you for choosing us. We offer a variety of different incentives for choosing our business. So let us join our forces together for the greater good of accomplishing an initiative that will change your life forever.

Go Easy… Go Smart… Go ITCE!!!