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A Cultural Outlook

This Cultural Outlook page does not depict or illustrate cultures of Jamaica. On the other hand we strive to ellaborate and give a brief analysis of different American cultures. It was therefore our intention to outline the different cultures within the areas in which ‘ITCE’ currently have jobs available and their clients are able to be employed.

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Bolton Landing has a big history dating back to the 1799, when it was first founded. But even further back in the 1600’s the first white man came. His name was Father St. Joques, a French Jesuit missionary. He loved the beauty of the lake and so named it for the French Lac du St. Sacrement. From then on the French and the English fought to see who would gain contol of the lake. The reason the lake was so important was because it emptied out into the Lake Champlain, and was connected to other waterways.  At the last battle the British won and renamed the Lake George for the King of England.

Well we’ve come a long way from then and the town of Bolton was founded, a little town on the shore of Lake George, 10 miles north of the Lake George.  Bolton Landing was originally founded on March 25, 1799. But Bolton was once part of the great town of Thurman, which included all of Warren County except Queensbury. Although no one really knows the origin of the name Bolton, it is thought that the name came from the old town of Bolton in New England from which the early settlers moved. They just used their old name for their new home.

What’s in store for Bolton Landing?

No one knows except that it probably will be thriving for many years to come, having changed from farming to tourism.

Some of the cultural practices/activities that are done on an annual basis ranges from ‘Memorial Day’, where a parade is held and children that are members of the Little League Baseball Teams, Firemen, Boy’s Scout, all marched in their uniforms along with the Bolton Central High School Marching Band.  During June there is normally Americade.  This is a bike fest that is being held annually where over 50.000 bikers participate for a period of two weeks.

Not only that, but there is the 4th of July (Independence Day) celebration where a fire-works is normally done on beautiful Lake George.  Music is played throughout the whole town and other special activites are done.